Interuniversal Home - Starseed Acoustic EnsembleStarseed Acoustic EnsembleStarseed Acoustic Ensemble‘s all original, plum good, high-energy, spirit-filled interuniversal folk rock music artfully entertains the hearts and edifies the minds of their listeners. Utilizing acoustic guitars, mandolin, accordion, and drums, the band seasons its mix with fiddles, steel drum, penny whistles, and a variety of shakers, rattles, and percussive odds and ends. Blending ethnic world sounds, Starseed Acoustic Ensemble sensitively presents many of the world’s pressing social problems in a larger context of hope.

The band takes to heart the Global Change Music record label’s challenge “…to write lyrics and melodies that ascend the soul, raise planetary consciousness, and unite humanity in one global family rhythm.” Their debut CD, Interuniversal Home, meets that challenge. With all that is happening in the world today, it is easy to point the finger at others, but change on a planetary level will only come after first looking within. The group addresses this in their song “Don’t Blame”, with the lyrics, “Don’t blame it on the structure, don’t blame it on each other, just look into the mirror.”

The band carries a lot of hope and faith in the future of our planet, but are aware of and concerned over the state of the world. As a group of souls who have come together to create music that has the power to change the world, they feel they have the responsibility to rock the boat from time to time.

Starseed Acoustic Ensemble strives to inspire global change and create a bridge through music for all peoples to unite.

Purchase Interuniversal Home online at the Global Change Tools website.