Bearfoot, from their live performance at Future Studios, February 6th, 2008.


L top R: Kate Hamre (bass), Jason Norris (mandolin/vocals), Annalisa Tornfelt (fiddle/lead vocals), Jake Stargel (guitar), & Angela Oudean (fiddle/vocals).

Call it “new-timey,” call it “post-bluegrass,” call it “string band music for the 21st century”—whatever the name, there’s a revolution under way where string band traditions meet youthful creativity; look right to its center, and that’s where you’ll find Bearfoot: Angela Oudean (fiddle/vocals), Jason Norris (mandolin/vocals), Odessa Jorgensen (fiddle/lead vocals), Sam Grisman (bass), and Jake Stargel (guitar). The quintet, originally formed in Alaska, have already made a mark with four strong releases, including their 2009 Compass Records debut, Doors And Windows. Now, as they enter their second decade with a new Nashville home and a new lineup, Bearfoot have taken their place among the best and brightest of a new generation of musicians reshaping American roots music.

By the time work began on Doors And Windows, they’d already said goodbye to one member and welcomed another as their path led them—both literally and figuratively—away from their more traditional origins. Doors And Windows, which debuted at the top of Billboard’s Bluegrass Albums chart in the spring of 2009, served as a turning point, and by the end of the year, Bearfoot was ready to relocate outside of Alaska in favor of mostly Nashville residence; to launch itself completely onto the musical territory it had already begun to explore, and to seal the deal with the acquisition of two new members already making names for themselves as spectacularly gifted young players providing the perfect foundation for a group headed straight into the future.