We joined the 99% in Zuccotti Park (Freedom Plaza) on Monday, October 10 to Occupy Wall Street. We ran into Danny Schechter, “The News Dissector,” a blogger, filmmaker and self-proclaimed “trouble-maker.”

Danny Schechter is the director of the the films “Plunder: The Crime of Our Time” & “In Debt We Trust.” He has long been an activist against the greed of the corrupt financial system.

Visionary change agent Gabriel of Urantia began the Spiritualution in 1996. Through his books, videos, and music, he has encouraged the nation and planet to rise up, take to the streets, and engage in civil disobedience. Gabriel recommends individuals to go on strike against the wealthy elite, greedy corporations, mainstream media, oil companies, big banks, and governments of corruption.

People need to follow their conscience to guide them out of those “wrong-jobs” and into true occupations.

The 99% movement and the Occupy Wallstreet movement can lead to the expanded teachings of Gabriel of Urantia’s Spiritualution movement, which is now becoming a reality. Join the Spiritualution!