On Columbus Day, Monday, October 10, we joined protesters down in Zuccotti Park (Freedom Plaza) to Occupy Wall Street. We spoke with Tim Weldon, a scholar and expatriate from upstate New York. He has a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from West Virginia University with a minor in Business Administration, an MA in Economic and Social History from the University of Manchester in England, and he has done additional graduate work in Sociology & Anthropology at Central European University in Budapest. Tim began working with OWS in early October 2011.

Gabriel of Urantia began the Spiritualution movement in 1996. It is a call to the citizens of America and the world to stand up, through civil disobedience, against corporate greed and mainstream media manipulation. Spiritualution—Justice to the People! encourages individuals to go on strike and quit their “wrong-jobs” that support the banking system, big oil, nuclear weapons manufacturers, and political corruption.

The 99% movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement are the dawning of a larger Global Spiritual Revolution that needs to take place. People of the world are beginning to desire the kind of change that Gabriel of Urantia has been talking about for years. Join the Spiritualution!